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Becoming a sponsor and advertising with Modern Witch

Being a sponsor isn’t just an exchange for publicity but rather a critical role within our community. By now you have been hit-up hundreds of times by organizations and small production companies like ours but chances are you haven’t felt that you were going to get the best bang for your buck.

Understanding the importance of advertising can be crucial to your business and with so many avenues to sink your publicity budget into there isn’t always a clear picture of how your hard-earned cash will come back to you and your business.

At Modern Witch we say that the proof is in the taste of the pudding.

“The Mystic Dream is a proud sponsor of The Modern Witch. When investing in advertising it is vital to do so in a venue that exhibits quality and professionalism, and The Modern Witch consistently exceeds our expectations. As a prominent voice in the Pagan community The Modern Witch helps us share our magic with a wide and educated audience.”

– Chas Bogan, Owner of The Mystic Dream

Modern Witch is published through Living Temple Media and has US and Canadian distribution through Ingram. This means you can see it on the shelves of your store, local shop and even larger stores like Barnes & Noble.

Modern Witch Online, radio and magazine have a reach of over twenty-thousand individuals each quarter and boasts a dedicated follower base from all over the world. That means that each year over eighty-thousand people have access to our works and that number is growing rapidly in 2013.

We guarantee that unlike with other companies your advertisement wont get buried under glitter-graphics nor will you be asked to compete with other advertisements on the same page. We value our exclusive network of sponsors and limit the number of ads that run at anytime ensuring you views, clicks, and traffic.

Each of our sponsors also gets a badge for their site showing the world that they are not only sponsors but partners in excellence as well.

Becoming a sponsor is easy!

There are several options when it comes to advertising through Modern Witch. Take advantage of low advertising costs in our nationally distributed magazine, website or radio show now! 

Website- ( 275×400 pixels )

Our website hosts some of the best content online with it’s artistically designed look and exclusive content. We are proud to bring some of the best bloggers and guest bloggers as well as product, book and music reviews. Our website acts as the hub for all Modern Witch products and services.

Each month fresh advertisements are put up on our website. We have two spots for advertisers and each ad runs for a period of one month. Shorter runs are also available, see pricing below. Each ad is guaranteed to be seen on the front-page of the website, on our blog and each individual blog post when linked.

One Month Advertising on Website for $100.00

Two weeks Advertising on Website $60.00


Our AV Club celebrated weekly podcast has one of the largest community of followers in the Pagan and Metaphysical niche. Each episode airs on Pagan Radio three times a week during peek listening times, as of May 2013 each show will air on Living Temple Radio (details to come!) and is also available for download via RSS, iTunes and several other outlets.

Only two ads per show, each 30-40 seconds in length are permitted, with an average show length is ninety minutes. This means that your ad wont get lost amongst other ads.

Because of the nature of podcasting each show containing your ad will have your ad in it for life! Every-time someone downloads and listens, regardless of when your ad originally aired will hear your ad!

Don’t have the equipment to record a 30-40 second commercial? Not to worry- we can take care of that as well. We are more than willing to produce your audio commercial for you for one payment of $20.00, email devin@modernwitchonline.com for more info.

One time ad on show- $60.00

Two shows- $100.00

Three Shows- $150.00

Four shows-$200.00

Magazine- (Download Templates, CYMK, Full-color w/bleed)

Modern Witch Magazine is a full-color POD publication with distribution in all of the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Our publication is top of the line and is so unique and original that there truly is nothing like it available.  Each volume is released in both hard-copy and e-copy allowing for the widest release possible with options for any style of reader.

Your ad will appear in both hard-copy and e-copy with direct links to your website and/or social media embedded into each e-copy. This allows us to maximize the experience for our readers but also makes it that much easier for them to find you! As with our radio show, each ad becomes a permanent fixture in the publication and each publication is available for sale in both versions at all times. As always, we value exclusive limited advertising.

$500 For Back Cover Ad, e-mail Devin for more information. Devin@modernwitchonline.com

Quarter page ad- $40.00

Half Page Ad- $80.00 

Full Page Ad- $120.00

Like what you see but don’t know what to pick? Why not mix it up?

Arch Magus Sponsor Package- $1,500.00

This package guarantees you a year of advertising on the website, twelve radio shows and a full page ad in both print publications (Beltane release and Samhain release.) A $2,040.00 value. SAVE $540.00! 

Magus Sponsoring Package- $350.00

This package includes one month of advertising on the website, four radio shows and one full page ad in the magazine. A $420.00 value.  SAVE $70.00!

Adept Sponsor Package- $250.00

This package includes one month of advertising on the website, two shows and a half page ad in the magazine. A $280.00 value. SAVE $30.00!

Initiate Sponsor Package- $225.00

This package contains two weeks of website promotion, two radio shows and a half page ad in the magazine. A $240.00 value. SAVE $15.00!

Seeker Sponsor Package- $125.00

This package contains one week of advertising on the website, one radio show and one quarter-page ad in the magazine.  A $130.00 value. SAVE $5.00!

Once we receive payment an e-mail will be sent out with further instructions.

Questions, comments, or concerns? E-mail Devin directly at Devin@modernwitchonline.com

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