David and Michael host The Psych and the Witch and are having a much better time with BTR than we did! I found myself engaged in a dialogue regarding my practice as a professional psychic and how witchcraft has shaped that. This has not been a new discussion for me as I tend to stress the importance of psychic awareness with all my students. It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching an Ecstatic Witchcraft intensive or Crystal Healing the one thing I always stress is psychic awareness. The reason? As most of you know I was a psychic before I was a witch and I can’t teach what I do without there being a psychic foundation.

This was a conversation I was pleased to have and they didn’t take it easy on me! Check out my interview on The Psychic and The Witch.
( The interview set-up is around 24min in.)

Devin on Pagan Musings

RevKess and Devin had a wonderful chat. Bouncing around from talking about PantheaCon and Modern Witch Online to some of their similar experiencing meeting Pagans that many of us look up to. The conversation was rather smooth and we feel informative. Sometime in the near future, RevKess will be appearing on the Modern Witch to share about himself and answer some of the question that Devin has for him.

Devin and Rowan on Hex Education

Join hosts Salem Warlock Christian Day and Salem Witch Lori Bruno as they welcome guest Devin Hunter & Rowan Pendragon. Devin and Rowan will be discussing Ecstatic Witchcraft with us on this episode of Hex Education.

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The Unnamed Path

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