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Matthew Venus


I am not one to get too hung up on labels. However, for the sake of clarity some that might apply to me are Rootworker, Magician, Apothecary, and Witch.

I have been a student, teacher and practitioner of the magical arts for the past two decades and believe that as long as we have breath in our lungs our learning and evolution should never cease. I am endlessly blessed by life’s journey of teaching, learning with, and helping others.

My practice is colored and informed by training and studies in Hoodoo and Conjure, Witchcraft and Cunning, as well as Ritual Magic and the Grimoire Tradition. Though I have firm grounding in a variety of techniques and traditions, I consider myself to be proudly eclectic.

Regardless of the fact that the term eclectic has been much maligned in the current magical and spiritual renaissance, in most cases it is appropriately applied to the majority of practitioners. That said, I am not one to treat magical and spiritual traditions as fads or something to be exploited. Nor do I treat Deities, Spirits, or Ancestors as simply components to be “used” only when my needs require.

I strive to have an educated and respectful approach towards the historical, traditional and cultural origins of the practices I work with and be mindful of this in the context of their application. 

When I have time to myself I am often writing, reading, or creating incenses, oils, or art in one form or another. I particularly enjoy photography, assemblage art and mask making.

I am one of the owners of Spiritus Arcanum, a magical supply shop and talismaninc art gallery on Etsy.


My writings and photography have been featured in Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly Magazine, as well as Modern Witch Magazine, where I am a regular contributor.

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