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Volume 2| Rites of Passage

After the release of volume one readers from all over the world let us know that Modern Witch Magazine was not only invited into their homes but their circles and temples as well. We knew that we had done something good and from the sound of it our readers did too! The creation of volume one was without a doubt a birthing for us and as we began to unfold the concepts behind Modern Witch Magazine Volume 2 we knew one thing was for certain, this magazine would continue to be more than just another magazine.

Through these pages we are invited into the minds of some of the best up-and-coming writers that the modern pagan movement has to offer. Blogger David Salisbury joins us once again as he discusses the change of generational leadership within our movement, Yeshe Rabbit shares the magic of one of Aphrodite’s little known epithets, and Matt Venus, the most recent addition to Modern Witch, guides us through the magic of the crossroads from a Voodoo and Hoodoo perspective. Each voice introduces a shade of witchcraft that you haven’t seen anywhere else.

Modern Witch Magazine breaks the boundaries with the introduction of a piece by Claire Medeiros, a young transgender woman, entitled Trans-rites in which she shares with us rites of passage specific for the trans-community. Another new voice, Stephanie Mobley, joins the team as she shares a very personal account of her transition from maiden to mother. Modern witchcraft is about more than the basics; it is about expanding our minds and our practices to harmoniously concur all that stands in our way.

In volume two you will also notice that we have changed the look and feel to the magazine. Each full-color page has been maximized for readability giving your eyes and minds plenty to chew on. As before you will notice QR codes through-out which link you to the writers but also web exclusive content like Rites of Passage by Bernedette Montanta, and Getting to Know You: Discovering Your Tarot Deck’s Niche by Rowan Pendragon.

Lastly you might have noticed that the price of the magazine has changed. Our original sale price of $25.00 proved to be a shocker for some so we have spent the last three months finding ways to deliver you the same outstanding product without the cost. In the world of self-publishing there is little in the ways of royalties, especially with a publication like ours with a suggested retail at over $50.00. We have now been able to drop the price to a reader-friendly $19.99, a change we are happy to make in the name of community.

From all of us here at Modern Witch Magazine we would like to thank you for your purchase and hope that you too find the magic within these pages revealing. Don’t forget to take notes as you read along and be sure to send us an e-mail letting us know what you think!

Featuring work from: Devin Hunter, Rowan Pendragon, Stephanie Mobley, David Salisbury, Aepril Schaile, John Hyatt, Yeshe Rabbit, Tim Titus, Matt Venus, Storm Faerywolf, Joseph Nichter and Claire Mederios.


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