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Volume 3 | Blood, Bone, & Blossom

Samhain is without a doubt one of the most cherished celebrations of the witches’ year. We renew our vows with the old ones, peer into the darkness of the underworld, realign our wills and prepare for a cold winter. Even if you are a witch who doesn’t follow the path of fertility you still can’t help but to be enwrapped by the smells of pumpkin everything and slowly decaying harvest leaves.

I was taught that sabbats are a time when we spiritually acknowledge what is manifesting in the environment around us.  If this is true, Samhain must be bigger than just lit candles for the dead. Everywhere we look magic is happening and it is our sacred duty to participate! This magazine is an act of magical participation and you are now part of this my friend!

Originally this issue was slated for release earlier in the year. As the project grew from just one single idea into two printed volumes we had to learn to let go of what we wanted and let the magazine become what it wanted to become- this fabulous piece of craftsmanship before your eyes. You will notice that we include much more than just a few pieces on talking to the dead. Other topics that impact the modern witch like technique, crafts, product reviews, and inspirational business ideas grace these pages because we are as diverse as you!

This Samhain we at Modern Witch have been moved to do something a little different, we would like to give this volume of Modern Witch Magazine to you as an offering to the Witches who have come before us. By reading the contents these pages and adding our magick to your own you can join us in this celebration.

Please feel free to share with others, to visit the amazing artists and stores that are featured within, and more importantly please feel free to add this wisdom to your own. It isn’t easy being a modern witch- but how blessed we are to be here now! We offer this free of charge though you will notice a suggested donation amount of $5.00 will appear when you download, this is merely a suggestion- the magick is all yours regardless of if you have the five dollars or not. Please, whatever you do- just enjoy!

Samhain blessings from all of us to you! Enjoy the season!

Devin Hunter

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