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Volume 4 | The Wyld Witch

Modern Witch is back for a fourth volume and we aren’t taking any prisoners! Join creator Devin Hunter and members of the progressive metaphysical community like David Salisbury, Crystal Blanton, Yeshe Rabbit and Storm Faerywolf as they explore the power behind The Wyld Witch!  Volume 4 features 100 pages of magic, witchcraft, spells, recipes, class material and even an 18th century grimoire!


A Note from the creator

Dear Reader,

Modern Witch has been the adventure of a lifetime and thanks to the support of people like you we are making dreams come true. As we embarked on the journey that was to become Volume 4 we decided to shake things up a bit.

The first thing we did was hire new staffers. Greywolf Townsend, our new Lay-out director, has been an amazing help. He brings over ten years of hands-on knowledge to the team and much of our new look can be attributed to his guidance. We also brought on Elizabeth McNally as copy-editor, a job that is crucial in the publishing field and one that I am not cutout for.

We also decided to join forces with Living Temple Media, a new media production company that has the very essence of Modern Witch in it’s heart. Thanks to our partnership with Living Temple Media we now have major distribution and a much broader advertising base. What this means to our readers is that Modern Witch is now available for distribution to all major retailers, booksellers, and local spiritual supply stores via Ingram distribution.

On the audio side of Modern Witch we just wrapped up our fourth season of the AV Club favorite podcast, The Modern Witch. Currently we are preparing for our fifth season which will air on the Pagan Radio Network in the summer of 2013. Just like in past seasons you can expect to find interviews from top writers and community leaders as well as the latest pagan and pagan-friendly music. We are proud to offer another season of 100% free content to our community.

Modern Witch has grown from a project that involved me recording interviews in a small closet to a project which now encompasses several forms of media and has over ten regular contributors. We promise to keep producing as long as you promise to keep consuming!

We do need your help however getting the word out about all of the above. We encourage you to call your local bookseller or independent shop and tell them that you want Modern Witch on their shelves. Please pass along any of the free content to interested parties and whatever you do please keep reading!

Again, we couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of amazing individuals like you and thanks to those individuals we are back for a fourth volume.

Keep on witching!

Love, light, and all that Jazz.

Devin Hunter

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